A Caribbean Holiday

A Caribbean Holiday

2013 summer is here and what are your plans. Flights are cheaper and so are hotel rates!

Think of the beaches, come and seize the summer. Book your summer holiday to St Lucia now.

The Caribbean is a dream to most people, surrounded by sunshine with trade winds as a cool off. A constant sound of distant music in the background coming from some elated neighbor’s speakers. The sound of crashing waves on the shore line, with the sun glistering over the ocean. No wonder it’s a boaters paradise!

The airiness of the comfort of your home with warm, natural flow of light warms the hearts of may northerners. So different to their way of living, many are crapped up in a small apartment with a florescent bulb as a source of light. Homes with large window, high ceilings, plenty of sunlight, tiled or wooden floors and a kitchen with love. After a good home cooked meal, you can tell it was cooked with love. The days of your live or short holiday in St Lucia can be restful and stress free.

Waterfalls and natural pools are the best ways to cool off. A water fall or pool surround by natural light and fruit trees, is a great idea of spending time out in the open. Friday or Saturday evening stopping by a local spot with roadside BBQ is great way of experiencing the local dishes and lifestyle. If you are a bit more sophisticated, dine at a waterfront restaurant in Rodney Bay, and whisper sweet nothings to your love one. There’s no rush on this exotic island of St Lucia, with small roads and little road signage, so you’d better know where you’re going before you set off! The island is 238 square miles and can be driven around in one day. The scenic points, vegetation, banana plantation and mountains are some of the many attributes of this little gem of an island. So kick back, relax while you seep on some exotic named cocktail drink you’ve never heard of before. Experience what real island life is like on this friendly island for your next Caribbean holiday.

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