Carnival In St Lucia 2013

Stay at one of our St Lucia Vacation Villas to enjoy our Carnival Festival

st lucia carnivalIn 1999 St Lucia changed Carnival from before Lent to mid-July. Saint Lucia Carnival has a unique presence of all cultural art forms like theatre, music, dance, song, costumes and drama. Performances from local artistes; Soca and Calypso are amazing! A Pageant is held for contestants for the Carnival Queen title which will on 6th of July. The Carnival Bands give the audience a glimpse of their costumes when models parade the stage and interested persons can sign up almost immediately with the band of their choice. Booths are set up by the various Bands for that very purpose. All these events starts off from the 22nd June with Cooler Fete. This event brings out many people, a prize is given for best cooler. Then there’s groovy and power soca preliminary on the 26th and 28th of June, the 30th of June is another big event Wet Fete which many tourists look forward to; including a water slide, foam section, a dry section and the wet section. There is also a day for the kids Junior Carnival Parade which is held on the 7th of July, Color Me Red held on the 10th of July will have performances from Machel Montano out of Trinidad and other local Artists. Listen to the sweet sound of Steel Pan Music at Panorama on the 12th July at the Beausejour Cricket Stadium

Parade of the Bands will be held on the 15th and 16th of July. Carnival Monday, Carnival Bands make their way through the streets of Castries, form the Choc Round-about, a very challenging route, having been judged in front of the Castries Market. On Carnival Tuesday the Bands return going through the city circuit again for the last lap jam session.

So how can you be part of this exciting spectacle of color, music and revelry? Pack your bags, get to the airport and take the next flight out to the island paradise of Saint Lucia. There you will experience this truly extraordinary fiesta of color, friendly people, merriment, dancing, calypso and the pulsating rhythm of steel bands.

How can you be part of this magnificent event, Get accommodation at one of our Cap Estate St Lucia Vacation Villas book your flights and come enjoy St. Lucia Carnival 2013.

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