Gateway Villas St Lucia

Ocean View

Ocean View

Perhaps the best accommodation in St Lucia with full serviced rooms, is Gateway Villas St Lucia. The St Lucia company offer an arrangement of studios to luxury four bedroom villas in the Cap Estate and Rodney Bay area. Even a studio can come with a full kitchen area, wireless internet, utensils, patio and fully air-conditioned. The studios at Gateway St Lucia are un-doubtedly quite a popular choice when it comes to booking a St Lucia room. And we understand why, with so much to offer and yet affordable rates, this explains why it’s popularity. For those who want a little more luxury you can opt for the deluxe studio apartment which is a cross between a one bedroom and a studio apartment. Again, fully serviced with a kitchen, DVD player, LCD TV, BBQ Grill. This room is more than adequate for the traveler.

Another Gateway Villas choice is its one bedroom with plunge pool. Quite rightly, this superior room has its own small pool on the patio area. Located in the flower garden area, the peaceful setting is ideal for spending relaxation time. A very spacious room with all the required facilities, as well as kitchen utensils. The Townhouse two bedroom with plunge pool is identical to the one bedroom with plunge pool, with an additional bedroom. Such a spacious and nicely layout room with tasteful furniture. A room many have described as a ‘home away from home’.

The reviews on another Gateway villa, Zephyr Hill, are exceptional. We understand why after visiting this villa, it’s enormous space, the heavenly views and spacious four bedrooms are the greatest attributes of this Gateway St Lucia Villa.  But Viewtique St Lucia, another one of Gateway’s Villas maybe smaller than Zephyr but showcases some amazing features like direct ocean view. When we say ocean view for this villa we mean not a distant view where binoculars are required. This view is so close, that on a clear day the neighboring island, Martinique is in arms reach.

In all the quality of rooms and villas of Gateway St Lucia are certainly of high standard, affordable and offer some of the best views in St.Lucia. From a small studio to a luxury four bedroom all of Gateway’s Villas are highly recommended. You can find Gateway Villas St Lucia on Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, GDS systems, Agoda, and many other channels to numerous to mention.

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