So St. Lucia!

Summer is round the corner and travelers are looking for deals. Being in St Lucia for two weeks gave me a great perspective of the island. A trip to the city Castries was interesting, for a minute I thought I was in St Vincent just when a voice said, “You have a little ten to spare?” I looked up to see a man with very few teeth, tall and bare footed with his hand out. I reached into my pocket and gave him five dollar coins of the local Eastern Caribbean currency. He stared at the money in his hand as if he wasn’t quite sure whether it belonged there or not. I reached at his hand to retrieve the money but he smiled with whatever teeth that were left and said ‘Daddy, dats all? a little lunch I want to buy”. I gave him some gesture as if to say I have nothing more and he wobbled away. The man was harmless.

The people moved around going about their daily chores. Then there was a guy driving through the town in a pick-up truck, bandanna wrapped round his head singing along to an old country and western song that I haven’t heard in twenty years. Whether you’re strolling through Rodney Bay, taking in the scenery at Marigot Bay or pretending to be interested in real estate, just so an agent could take you to the expensive Cap Estate area, Saint Lucia has a lot going for it. Head twenty five minutes south to downtown Castries if you are staying in the north and it hits you like a city with culture. Not extremely developed for a city but the charm of the people really sets that laid back nature.
While driving through the south you could be in northern England or somewhere in Europe until the amazing ocean views grab your attention, jerking you back to realization that, yes, you’re in St Lucia.

The drive to Soufriere was simply marvelous; the famous Pitons greeted me with such pride. If you thought a peacock was full of pride, you should wait until you see those two majestic mountains strategically positioned next to each other. St. Lucia is small enough to soak up in five days, but unfortunately I never got to do the thing I most wanted to: Find the man and his make-shift boat with nearly every country’s flag you can imagine, bananas and fruits on board, rowing through the Rodney Bay waters. An image I had seen in a St Lucian magazine before my visit. I had carried a Russian flag to add to his collection. Oh well! It certainly will not hurt to visit a second time to find the man, his boat and his collection of flags.

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