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We’ve all heard the craze lately about reaching out to clients via social media marketing. If you thought we’re referring to only Facebook and Twitter, then think again. There’s Linkedin, Stumble Upon, Digg, only to name a few. However there are still many who believe that social media marketing is merely hype and no significant revenue earner. This may be argued. In an era where it seems sitting at your PC for hours is more convenient and comforting,  it makes sense to reach out to where your targeted audience may be spending a good majority of free time today. A marketer would say pursuing your targeted customer.

When Expedia celebrated their million Facebook likes recently, thoughts start to wander,  do you simply follow the leader or investigate why people are spending so much time on social media or simply do it to because it’s cool. For sure being cool may not generate revenue!  Over two months ago Gateway Villas St Lucia decided to jump on the social media bandwagon. To say the response was impressive is an under-statement. Within four weeks the st. lucia villa company likes were over 300 likes.  In Just over two months they are carrying 790 likes.  But I am going to question the substance of Gateway St. Lucia Facebook likes or likes for any company.

So many firms seem to beam with pride over their number of likes. But is everyone liking because it’s cool? A social media marketer will tell you that it’s not the number of  ‘likes’ a firm should concern itself with, but more so how relevant is your content to your audience. I’d say it’s far better to have 300 Facebook likes who are genuinely interested in your content than 1000 likes from persons who simply like you because it’s a cool gesture. But how do you keep your genuinely interested like fans from un-liking you? Social media marketing is not merely about telling fans about your st.lucia product and services. People use Facebook now as a consoling tool to overcome sorrow or an expression tool to express their feelings.

Wouldn’t it be nice for a firm to express feelings of concern to its fans so that fans may see that interest does not lie in merely making money. The marketer would call this social relations marketing. So when Gateway saint lucia villas expressed condolences to family and friends of a past guest who passed away or told the world that they surprised a guest with a free upgrade or requested fans thoughts on the ever so publicized Casey Anthony verdict, that’s humane.  Once you have captured your audience over time, it’s far easier to reach out and inform them of your steals and deals. It seems less formal then and eradicates the notion of a Facebook presence to generate revenue only.  In all, Social Media marketing can generate revenue, if marketing is as it states, more social and concentration is based on acquiring a more solid, meaningful fan base.

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  1. The appeal for standing out of that group is getting more important by the day. Not only are today’s youth noised out by millions of commercials non-stop and everyday, its now imposible for them keep the same task for more than ten minutes nowaday. We have build a generation of careless people that are totally numbed to all human regular feelings.

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