Choosing A Vacation Rental Manager

In St Lucia and around the world, more and more individuals are looking for ways to increase income and increase return on investment (ROI).

So you found the perfect property which can be used for vacation rental and at the same time serve as a second home in the event the property is not rented. After all, the property is in a touristic area, location is perfect as it is sunny at least 80- 90% of the year, 10 minutes to a nearby beach, pool and easy access to shops. But now you have to figure out how can you increase your ROI. You have approached a few vacation rental companies and a management fee could run from 10 to 25% depending on the experience and length of time in the business for the vacation rental company or manager.

You move swiftly in purchasing the property as you have located the ideal vacation rental company or manager. You purchase new furniture, do some painting, new towels, sheets, kitchen appliances, all the items you would require if you were on holiday in your new investment project. After all you have been to a few vacation rentals and found furniture need updating, kitchen lacking utensils, pool is green and so on.

Sign a management contract, wave goodbye to your property and after all wait for that monthly check.
Two to three months go by your manager confirms no rentals for your property. Well it’s only two to three months so these things take a while you thought. In the fifth month your place is rented and you just knew things would get going sooner or later. The next rental is in month twelve for four months. Great!

At the end of the third month you are told the client is refusing to pay for his stay in the fourth month. While the manager tries to get the tenant out by force, an eviction, very little communication is relayed between you and the manager. One email takes weeks to get answered. Then you are told the tenant was forced to leave but the property is trashed! Furniture needs replacing, food is everywhere, graffiti on your walls and soiled mattresses.

Choosing the right vacation rental manager is very important. Find out how long they have been in business. Usually a seasoned vacation rental company would have seen at least many situations therefore knowing how to protect your investment. Vacation rentals are widely considered as short term rental and though the laws may vary from country to country, the practical method in such situation is to make sure all the monies are paid upfront. Depending on the value of your property, a deposit will be taken from the tenants and refunded once the property is thoroughly checked after their departure. An experienced manager will guide you from start to finish in getting the property ready for rentals and stress that irreplaceable items should be locked away and taken out while you, the owner is residing in the property. Do research, ask questions during the process, is just another way to try to get loose ends covered.

St Lucia VRBO

Vacation rentals by owner are becoming a big attraction to travelers who want to experience travel in a different way.  The era where hotel and motel accommodation were the only choices are so yesterday. This growing travel choice has caused websites like homeaway, VRBO (vacation rentals by owner) and similar sites to increase their marketing budget to reach travelers who are more independent and at the same time assist home owners with the increase in revenue for their properties. VRBO advertises a $50,000 per year in revenue for vacation rental owners. The majority of St Lucia VRBO’S and other areas are mainly absentee owners. This means that advertising their properties may be one thing but the actual management of guests while owners are absent is another. The home owner is often faced with relying on on-site staff, pool man or housekeeper to attend to guests needs.

St Lucia VRBO is ideal for the Caribbean savvy traveler. The Caribbean has long been known to be somewhat a place for the wealthy. St Lucia VRBO’s provide a more affordable accommodation for travelers who want to explore the island on a budget. Vacation rentals in St Lucia offer full kitchen areas, over-sized bedrooms, large walk-ways and patio space, detailed pools and real open floor plans of Caribbean living. Additional services which can be requested are personal chef, exciting excursions and personal concierge service.

Today the concept clearly works, forcing more and more VRBO on the market in nearly every country. Giving renter direct contact with owners, is ideal in todays ever changing holiday market. But there may be a gray area here where there is no medium between renter and owner for the protection of either. Many management companies offer that added comfort, piece of mind in the event of any miss happenings. Another recommendation to the renter who decides to go this route is to accept the travel insurance option that  may of these sites provide. Normally this is a small fee which protects against theft, damages or unseen circumstances.

But travelers are becoming independent in a way sites like Homeaway understands. The traveler who loves the secluded villa, with an appetite for independence and a quest to explore.

St Lucia Vacation Villa

St Lucia Holiday Villas

Want to save on a St. Lucia Vacation Villa, get 20% off on our Luxury Four Bedroom Villa with Pool between September 1st and October 31st 2013. There is a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean on the left and the Caribbean Sea on the right with the Golf Course just below. This Villa was built with three stories which make it cool and breezy. On the main floor you will find the kitchen, dinning and living room, upstairs there are two very spacious bedrooms with patios and views of the surrounding areas. Downstairs is where two other bedrooms, the large pool and bar area. All bedrooms are equipped with air-conditioning and mosquito nets, and each has its own safe and hairdryer, bathrooms with bath and shower, walk-in dressing rooms and terraces. Zephyr Hill Villa has a large pavilion with dinning table and outside furniture; which is suitable for a family BBQ. You maybe thinking “I hope there’s a BBQ Grill” well my answer is “yes, with a gas tank.”

Cable television, with DVD and CD player, telephone and internet access (wireless) is also included. The kitchen is en-suite with modern appliances and tools. This vacation Villa has security alarm, it is well gated and security guards patrol around to make sure you’re safe. Outside there is more than enough parking for several vehicles and a car port. It is also encircled with a garden and filled with Caribbean color with both flowers and fruit. Zephyr Hill Villa is 10 minutes away from Rodney Bay Village where shopping malls, grocery stores, restaurants and beaches are based. It is also 8 minutes away from the Rodney Bay Marina with its shops and yachting services.

You better stop daydreaming about Zephyr Hill St Lucia Villa and tell your family and friends about our special rate and reserve this villa now.

Call 1 866 484 5344

A Caribbean Holiday

A Caribbean Holiday

2013 summer is here and what are your plans. Flights are cheaper and so are hotel rates!

Think of the beaches, come and seize the summer. Book your summer holiday to St Lucia now.

The Caribbean is a dream to most people, surrounded by sunshine with trade winds as a cool off. A constant sound of distant music in the background coming from some elated neighbor’s speakers. The sound of crashing waves on the shore line, with the sun glistering over the ocean. No wonder it’s a boaters paradise!

The airiness of the comfort of your home with warm, natural flow of light warms the hearts of may northerners. So different to their way of living, many are crapped up in a small apartment with a florescent bulb as a source of light. Homes with large window, high ceilings, plenty of sunlight, tiled or wooden floors and a kitchen with love. After a good home cooked meal, you can tell it was cooked with love. The days of your live or short holiday in St Lucia can be restful and stress free.

Waterfalls and natural pools are the best ways to cool off. A water fall or pool surround by natural light and fruit trees, is a great idea of spending time out in the open. Friday or Saturday evening stopping by a local spot with roadside BBQ is great way of experiencing the local dishes and lifestyle. If you are a bit more sophisticated, dine at a waterfront restaurant in Rodney Bay, and whisper sweet nothings to your love one. There’s no rush on this exotic island of St Lucia, with small roads and little road signage, so you’d better know where you’re going before you set off! The island is 238 square miles and can be driven around in one day. The scenic points, vegetation, banana plantation and mountains are some of the many attributes of this little gem of an island. So kick back, relax while you seep on some exotic named cocktail drink you’ve never heard of before. Experience what real island life is like on this friendly island for your next Caribbean holiday.

Carnival In St Lucia 2013

Stay at one of our St Lucia Vacation Villas to enjoy our Carnival Festival

st lucia carnivalIn 1999 St Lucia changed Carnival from before Lent to mid-July. Saint Lucia Carnival has a unique presence of all cultural art forms like theatre, music, dance, song, costumes and drama. Performances from local artistes; Soca and Calypso are amazing! A Pageant is held for contestants for the Carnival Queen title which will on 6th of July. The Carnival Bands give the audience a glimpse of their costumes when models parade the stage and interested persons can sign up almost immediately with the band of their choice. Booths are set up by the various Bands for that very purpose. All these events starts off from the 22nd June with Cooler Fete. This event brings out many people, a prize is given for best cooler. Then there’s groovy and power soca preliminary on the 26th and 28th of June, the 30th of June is another big event Wet Fete which many tourists look forward to; including a water slide, foam section, a dry section and the wet section. There is also a day for the kids Junior Carnival Parade which is held on the 7th of July, Color Me Red held on the 10th of July will have performances from Machel Montano out of Trinidad and other local Artists. Listen to the sweet sound of Steel Pan Music at Panorama on the 12th July at the Beausejour Cricket Stadium

Parade of the Bands will be held on the 15th and 16th of July. Carnival Monday, Carnival Bands make their way through the streets of Castries, form the Choc Round-about, a very challenging route, having been judged in front of the Castries Market. On Carnival Tuesday the Bands return going through the city circuit again for the last lap jam session.

So how can you be part of this exciting spectacle of color, music and revelry? Pack your bags, get to the airport and take the next flight out to the island paradise of Saint Lucia. There you will experience this truly extraordinary fiesta of color, friendly people, merriment, dancing, calypso and the pulsating rhythm of steel bands.

How can you be part of this magnificent event, Get accommodation at one of our Cap Estate St Lucia Vacation Villas book your flights and come enjoy St. Lucia Carnival 2013.

Cap Estate Villa Rentals St Lucia

Two Bedroom At Rodney Bay

The Cap Estate st Lucia villa rentals are perhaps one of the best in st lucia. Though st lucia has many accommodations, when it comes to villa rentals you are likely to find many in the Rodney Bay and Cap Estate area. Other parts of st lucia don’t seem to cater for the avid vacation renters. Many persons prefer the Rodney bay area simply because it’s walking distance to all amenities. Shops, malls, restaurants, casino and beach. Some st lucia villa rentals in Rodney Bay are quite affordable ranging from apartments to villas with pool. Palm Court is the newest vacation rentals in the Rodney Bay area with one and two bedroom vacation rentals, a large pool, patio area, gazebo area and walking distance to the beach.

The vicinity of Cap Estate has been known to house Nobel prize winners such as Derek Walcott, romantic hotels like Cap Maison and Sandals. A variety of five star accommodations and villa rentals exist in the Cap Estate area. Cap Estate villa rentals in st lucia cater for the adventurous, a sense of freedom type of individuals. These villa rentals are like a home away from home with all the necessary amenities at your fingertips. From romantic four poster bedroom settings to updated kitchens and stunning ocean views are all that contribute to a holiday well worth the airplane ride.

The only 18 hole golf course on the island of St Lucia is also in Cap Estate. For the adventurous visitor, a swing of golf is only a short drive or walk away, the beach is nearby or relax on your vacation villa patio with a drink in hand soaking in the warm weather. The majority of the Cap Estate villa rentals st lucia come with a fantastic pools for swimming or relaxing.  The villa, most likely may come with a housekeeper, a pool crew or a chef!! With so much at your fingertips it’s no wonder some guests just refuse to leave their Cap Estate villa. It really is a euphoric experience. Cap Estate or Rodney Bay are the places to be! For more information on villa rentals in Cap Estate and Rodney contact Gateway Villas at 1 866 484 5344

Some Of The Best Villas In St Lucia – For St Lucia Jazz

the villas in st luciaThe St Jazz Festival is just round the corner, spring has sprang into life, what better time to visit the well known Caribbean island, known for its romantic, serene nature. Views that can easily make front cover of any travel magazine, A dream on every bride’s mind or a heart felt scenic shot on every photographer’s lens. That’s St Lucia!! The St Lucia Jazz festival is April 30th to May 12th. Imagine the soft sounds of Jazz music filling the air, a crowd so in tune with merriment and laughter, the atmosphere just right, basking in music, laughter and good weather. For busy goers, you would wish your doctor would write a prescription saying ‘two weeks in St Lucia’ than some medication that promised no formidable change. As an extra, rent a st lucia villa for the St Lucia Jazz while you’re at it.

A private villa perched in the hills over looking ocean views, horizon views and a touch of the sky is far more than what a lot of northerners would ask for. The sense of freedom, detachment, re discovering senses, that’s what St Lucia, the beautiful island does to senses. Renting a St Lucia villa is like renting a piece of paradise. Not waking up to the habitual knock of the sound of ‘house keeping!’. A villa so large that a pricey New York apartment would fit in just one of it’s super sized bedrooms. Villas like Blue Moon, Zephyr Hill and Viewtique which range from 3000 to 7000 square feet are really like your own mini hotel.

These villas are some of the best in St Lucia with optional services of a personal chef, vehicle hire, personal concierge to arrange tours. The island provides many amazing tours, whale watching, zip-lining, mountain climbing for the fit and able. The island has been labeled one of the most romantic islands, In March 2013 celebrities like Matt Damon rented an entire hotel to renew his vows. St Lucia is well known amongst its Caribbean associates to be the prettiest island with some of the friendliest people. The many small cove sandy beaches along the Caribbean and Atlantic coast make this island a real gem amongst others. Visitors flock the island to see its rare volcanic black sand beaches in the South and the proud twin peak mountains amazingly positioned right beside each other. Experience what natural beauty is truly all about!!

Jazz in St Lucia

Every year about the end of April into early May St Lucia tourist board put on a spectacular musical show. The show was put together over 2o years ago to attract many musicians to the island. Over the years well known artists such as Patti La Belle, Rihanna, Babyface, Lou Rawls, Harry Belafonte were just a few names who assisted in propelling this Jazz festival into one of the top Jazz festivals in the world. This year 2013 its a another great year of celebrity names such as Genuine, R Kelly, Ojays and Jacksons. The local artists such as Luther Francos, Carl Gustave are well on par with their performances. The st lucia jazz festival reels in music jazz lovers from Europe, U.S. Canada and the neighboring Caribbean Islands. Its two weeks of constant music in the air, partying and enjoying the local dishes.

Gateway wants to remind the jazz lovers that their accommodations, villas and apartments are literally a walk away from the well known Pigeon island venue. It is not uncommon to be stuck in traffic for hours, damping the spirit of a music lover. Leave the vehicle at your villa and stroll to the nearby Jazz venues. Pigeon island really is one of the best settings for enjoying a full day of music. Come prepared with chairs, towels and cooler of ice cold local beer. An early spot will guarantee you a closer encounter with R Kelly! Pigeon island is one of the many famous beaches in St Lucia with iconic historical marks like cannons still present when the French and the British fought for the island. Together with historical marks, the beautiful ocean background makes for a great setting for any day full of Jazz.

Gateway villas is ideal for the jazz loving couple or group of 8. With accommodations for couples to large groups, the st lucia jazz 2013 goer is bound to find a variety of rooms to suit their needs. It is not uncommon to find every room in St Lucia booked for this world famous festival. It is advised that the st lucia jazz lover reserve accommodation as early as possible to get an ideal location. Because of its close proximity to the main Jazz venues, Gateway Villas will be one of the first accommodations to get booked. Check with Gateway at 1866 484 5344 or email Airport pick up and drop off can be arranged.

St Lucia Giveaway

Get a $50 Visa Gift Card to spend anywhere when you book with Gateway Villas St Lucia!!!!!

Gateway St Lucia Visa Gift Card Giveaway

Another great special by Gateway Villas. Travelers can book a room for 7 nights or more and get a $50 Visa Gift Card to spend towards anything of their choice.  The customer friendly website at has instant availability access to rooms and dates.  Rooms range from studios to four bedroom luxury villas with pools and fantastic views. Gateway has also provided travelers with a toll free number for easy telephone communication at 1 866 484 5344.

Apart from this great st lucia giveaway, the company also provides airport pick up and drop off services or opt for a 15 minutes helicopter ride from the south to the north for extra comfort. Vehicle hiring can easily be arranged as well. The $50 Give Card can be spent on dinner, shopping or any form of entertainment. Gateway is offering this vacation deal from now until March 23th 2013. Travel dates must fall within February to March 23th to qualify for this st lucia giveaway. Travelers should reserve their favorite rooms now, since this is subject to availability. Rooms with photos and videos can be seen in detail at The st lucia vacation giveway will be given to guests upon arrival.

Gateway will also be informing its many followers with more details on the upcoming St Lucia Jazz festival for 2013. Remember staying at Gateway Villas puts you right in the middle of all the action, a walk away form main jazz venues!!!

St lucia Beach Villas

St Lucia Beach Villas

Rodney Bay is becoming the hub of the northern part of St Lucia. With all its amenities such as mall, shops and over two dozen restaurants, its no surprise that travelers would much prefer to be in this town. The amenities are literally a walk away including the Reduit Beach and water way access.

When developers of Palm Court Rodney Bay beach villas decided to construct a 11 bedroom st lucia beach villas vacation facility in the heart of Rodney Bay, it was merely to follow the market. The raving reviews by many about the property is a bonus for marketing. Visitors do not require hiring of a vehicle to get round with so many readily available amenities a walk away. The new Treasure Bay casino has added more to entertainment in the area. Local bars like Delirius is an ideal setting for relaxing and having a drink on a beautiful evening. Or choose from the many water front dinning spots that portray views of the newly renovated marina with multi-million dollar yachts. Any of these restaurants provide fine dinning and a perfect way to spend the evening. While staying at Palm Court Rodney Bay beach villas, a short taxi ride or walk will take you to any of these locations. A one bedroom is $150 per night.

Travelers can oscillate between the beach and the pool at Palm Court. A gazebo area is provided for relaxing or fun days full of putting on BBQs. The setting at Palm Court is serene, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Rodney Bay but merely a short walk away from the beach.

Gateway Villas is providing all its travelers with a free $50 free visa gift card to anyone who books one of their rooms!! A bonus to spend at any of the local shops or restaurants. However visitors who want to visit the St Lucia attractions such as the rain forest, volcano must travel to the south of the island. Gateway provides may excursions as such for its travelers.
The rooms at Palm Court are fully serviced with kitchens, internet, A/C and all the necessary facilities to make holidaying in st lucia a comfort. Persons can contact Gateway at 1 866 484 5344 to book a room at their st lucia beach villas location, Palm Court Rodney Bay.

Villas That Are In St lucia

Villas in St Lucia

For the winter travelers, the search for warmth is on. Most travelers from northern American, Canada and Europe visit Florida and the Caribbean from December through April. With its lush forest, beautiful beaches and friendly people, its no wonder it is the third best romantic spot in the world. St Lucia is one of the most frequent islands to visit during the winter. The villas in st lucia are a popular choice for vacationers at that time of the year. Movie stars like Oprah Winfrey and Edie Murphy have made this little island a slice of their paradise.

Be ready for white sandy beautiful beaches. The villas in st lucia come with beautiful views, spaciousness and personal services. Come and visit us, kick your shoes off and relax. For the sight seeing lovers, participate in recreation on the island, with over one hundred excursions to choose from. St. Lucia is a tropical paradise that offers something for every vacationer. Once travelers have experienced the beauty of this island, it is not uncommon for travelers to return to this little gem. The St Lucia tourist board at provide extensive information of this little island. The villas in st. Lucia are a great way of enjoying this tropical paradise with your private pool with most villas overlooking stunning scenic views.

One of the best advantages of staying at villas in st lucia, is not just breathtaking views of the ocean and landscape but the added privacy. It is so relaxing watching the palm trees swaying in the gentle breeze. An interesting article worth reading on st lucia at Many of the villas seem to offer transportation to and from the airport, as well as vehicle hire for tourist attractions and touring the island.

St. lucia is an affordable option for beach lovers. Similar to other Caribbean islands, St. Lucia offers a lot of indoor and outdoor activities for enjoyment. Try your hand at zip lining, snorkeling, fishing, see a tropical rain forest, boating, sailing, take a sunset cruise, golf, swim, shop, eat out at fine restaurants, horseback riding, a casino, and touring places like a banana plantation or a drive-in volcano. So much to do with a variety of beaches to choose from both the north and south of the island.

The budget traveler should look out for periodic deals that are being offered from time to time. Companies like Bay Gardens and Gateway St Lucia Villas are always offering new deals. Depending on the time of year, reduced rates are offered at the villas in St. Lucia. This is essential if you are planning a trip with your family and cost is a factor.

Take a break from the hum drum, plan a tropical vacation. St. Lucia is a wonderful place, its villas in st lucia will create memories that you will cherish forever. Call today for the best rates and start planning your tropical island get a way!

St Lucia Real Estate

Two Bedroom For Sale at Palm Court, Rodney Bay

St. Lucia is gracefully becoming one of the more popular places to visit among the beautiful chain of Caribbean Islands. With a title as “Caribbean’s Leading destination and World’s Leading romance destination”, if I were a visitor this would definitely grab my attention and have me wondering what’s so special about this little 238.23 square miles of real estate. Beautiful as it is, Saint lucia real estate has so much to offer to the rest of the world. Including some of the most uniquely designed and luxurious Hotels and vacations homes you will ever come across. At the moment real estate in st lucia offers quite a few townhouses and condos for sale which are worth the price. Gateway Real Estate is offering a recently constructed two bedroom townhouse at a reasonable rate with rental income prices of $210 per night in the high season $175 per night in the low season.

The newly constructed 1,800 Sq Ft saint lucia real estate two bedroom three bathroom townhouse seats in the heart of Rodney Bay. The Rodney Bay area at the moment happens to be the home for majority of the islands’ resorts, restaurants, night life, shopping, supermarkets and vacation homes. Everything you need is basically less than 5-7 minutes walk away, not forgetting the beach is literally 3 minutes from the Condominium. Making this a great real estate investment, reasonably priced at $386,000.00 USD this townhouse is neighbored by four other condos. Each with its own privacy. A main pool, gazebo/BBQ area and laundry room are some of the facilities included. Upon entering the feel of an open floor plan advertises the kitchen, dinning and living room areas. A set of stairs lead to the upstairs area where you find master and second bedroom, each complimented by an en-suite bathroom.

This St lucia real estate vacation home can serve as an investment for the individual or family who lives overseas and wishes to visit the island for vacation. Simply block out your vacation dates. An attractive rental yield of more than 27 weeks a year, generating an approximate average $31,500.00 USD annual income “over 8% per year” is presented by the sellers and developers of Gateway St.Lucia real estate. The company has been active developers, investors and property managers for over 20 years. A great investment proposal! and who would not want to own a piece of real estate in saint lucia on this beautiful island in the sun! Visit the following website for more information St Lucia real estate or call 1 866 484 5344

One Bedroom Condo in St Lucia

One Bedroom Condo in St Lucia

Imagine a condo set in the Caribbean with a patio featuring a lush flower garden. The warm breeze coming off the ocean caresses your skin as you let the sound of distant waves melt you into a state of complete relaxation. With this one bedroom condo in St. Lucia, you get this and more.

This cozy one bedroom suite in St Lucia is located within Gatepark, Cap Estate, features a queen size bed in an air conditioned bedroom, comfortable living room, cable television, high speed wireless internet and an en suite bathroom. The room can comfortably sleep up to three people with use of the fold out sofa. Ceiling fans and a safe are included. It is the perfect place to unwind in between vacation activities.

The kitchen is fully stocked with amenities such as a coffee maker, microwave, toaster, refrigerator, pots and pans, cutlery, as well as an electric kettle. There is a full counter with sink and even a washing machine.

After preparing a meal in the kitchen, you may choose to dine outdoors on the patio. For your pleasure, the patio is spacious enough to have lounge chairs, a dining area and a plunge pool. On the hot, tropical Caribbean days you will love to sit and soak your cares away in the plunge pool.

Within walking distance of your st lucia one bedroom condo are Pigeon Island and Cas En Bas beach for more rest and relaxation. However, if eating and shopping are more your entertainment style, Rodney Bay Strip is only minutes away with its multiple shops, restaurants and casinos. There is something for everyone here in St. Lucia.

Luxury and comfort do come at a price, but the price for this one bedroom condo in St Lucia is just right. Depending on the season, this room can be your vacation destination from $120 to $135 a night.

This one bedroom suite in St. Lucia is the perfect place to come and get away from it all. It gives the sensation of being far removed from the rest of the world while still being close enough to find entertainment at your fingertips. Come relax and unwind with us here at St. Lucia Gateway Villas and Apartments!

A St Lucia Villa

A St Lucia Villa

A St Lucia Villa

St lucia has many villas that appeal to the avid traveler. More travelers are opting for villa stays than hotel rooms.  Companies like Gateway Villas have become successful in the villa rental industry therefore showing many satisfied St Lucia vacationers. The needs of a traveler have become demanding in regards to wanting more. Many of the travelers never revert to hotel stays once they have enjoyed a holiday in a st lucia villa. That is understandable, when the attributes of these st lucia villas exceed the expectations of the traveler. What are the expectations? The traveler expects privacy, more space and comfort for a relaxing holiday. The St Lucia villas like Blue Moon promises that and more. A villa in St Lucia that is rated as one of the most luxurious with privacy, comfort and space. Not only that but its gorgeous golf course view and mountains give a sense of peace to nature itself. Get lucky and catch a glimpse of one of the mega yachts that frequent the Caribbean seas going past from Blue Moons patio area.

A St lucia villa can come with a BBQ grill for entertaining, pool and in some cases a jacuzzi. Many families simply love the combination of ocean view, pool, space, comfort and privacy. The Cap Estate area is famous for hosting some of these luxury St Lucia villas. Families form the U.K., Canada and U.S. travel every year making St Lucia their home for ten days to two weeks. Walks to the beach, playing golf, catamaran day sailing, snorkeling and diving are only some of the may activities that the st lucia traveler can enjoy.

The added plus to st lucia villa rental is the capability of bringing along the entire family and congregating under the same roof. A hotel would mean staying in two to three rooms for one large family. Gateway Villas in St Lucia also offer a concierge service for visitors, so you never feel you’re on your own. The service provides, maintenance on your pool, housekeeping, vehicle hire arrangements and excursion facilities. Gateway also provides complimentary pick up and drop off to the airport only for their guests. Guest should take advantage of the many services a st lucia villa company offers before and during a vacation.

More on Blue Moon St Lucia villa

St Lucia Travel

St. Lucia: A Rare Caribbean Gem

St Lucia Travel

Traveling to St. Lucia is a must for any Caribbean traveler. St Lucia is one of the most beautiful places you’ve ever seen. Located in the eastern Caribbean, the island’s nation covers 238.23 square miles. Its population of 174,000 is an intriguing mix of Africans, East Indians, French, British, Caribs and various admixtures. But it’s the climate and stunning natural beauty which draws visitors to the island. A visit to this island is part of only the best Caribbean vacation packages.

The island was christened St. Lucia in 1660 when the French signed a treaty with the native Carib people. It has switched between French and British control several times since then and the local culture reflects it. The inhabitants of the island speak both French and English. Saint Lucia is a volcanic island and one of the most mountainous of the Caribbean islands. Dormant twin volcanos called the Pitons are the island’s most striking feature. Situated between the towns of Soufriere and Choiseul, the verdant Pitons rise majestically out of the turquoise Caribbean Sea over 2,000 feet into the bright blue skies on St. Lucia’s west coast. Saint Lucia is also one of the few islands in the world that boasts a drive-in volcano.

Saint Lucia’s tropical climate is moderated by northeast trade winds. Its numerous secluded, pristine beaches, friendly, peaceful, population and gorgeous fragrant gardens and exotic dishes make St Lucia travel a must for those in the know. The perfect way to spend your St. Lucia vacation is ensconced with your loved ones at Blue Moon Villa’s 7000 square feet, 4 bedroom villa complete with a pool and an incredible view of the lush forests, gently swaying blue Caribbean Sea, colorful gardens and brilliant sunshine. It is the most luxurious accommodations on the island.

Choose from among the Caribbean vacation villa Blue Moon packages which can provide you with fabulous accommodations during the St. Lucia Jazz Festival in May or St. Lucia Carnival in mid-July, the island’s most popular festivals. Both of these festivals draw visitors and musicians from around the world for weeks of great music, lots of dancing and more fun with the natives than you can ever imagined. Party late into the Caribbean night to the sounds of Jazz, Calypso, Soca, Reggae, Compas, Zouk and Salsa or watch a breathtaking sunset on a secluded beach with that special someone.

Want to get away? Experience the fun that St. Lucia travel offers.

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