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In this tough economic times families booking st lucia flights are looking to secure cheapest flights as possible for holidays. We will later provide some tips for choosing st lucia flights flights on the whole.
The Caribbean is fairly easy to get to coming from any part of the U.S. American Airlines is the main carrier, however depending on where in the U.S. you may be traveling from, can expand your choice of carrier to Delta Airlines or Jet Blue. All three airlines have been known to vary little in airfare. But lately evidence shows that the economical traveler relies on reward programs for flying. Reward programs help you upgrade seats with miles and use miles to purchase tickets for st lucia flights.

Coming from the U.K. to st lucia is just as easy with main airlines like Virgin Atlantic and British Airways leading the way to st lucia. Virgin Atlantic is often cheaper than British Airways, however both airlines offer direct flights to st lucia. For the Canadian market, Air Canada and West Jet dominate the Canada to St lucia market. Very often the deals coming from West Jet to st lucia are highly competitive when compared to Air Canada. Even when online gurus stated that Travel agents would become obsolete, Travel agents today are still a great way of discovering when deals are on to st lucia or anywhere. Here are some valuable tips on booking flights to st lucia:
Flight Tips
1. Browse through the various travel sites such as Gateway Flights, the site is relevant with both room and flight packages to st lucia. Other sites offering similar deals are Expedia, Travel Zoo and Kayak.

2. Travel Experts recommend Tuesdays, Wednesday or Saturday as good days to travel on since this is the time airlines offer best deals.

3. Book flights at least 4 – 6 weeks before travel dates to get good deals.

4. Sign up for Airline reward miles, there are benefits. Even more benefits lie ahead when using a credit card that offer reward miles.

5. Book a cheaper st lucia hotels to stay within your vacation budget.


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