St lucia hotel seasons

Like any travel industry, st lucia’s got its off season and in season. The seasons are very much related to st lucia hotels occupancy level. Off season begins from 11th May to mid December. Whereas the st lucia hotels in season begins mid December to mid May. The in season for st lucia hotels means, there is a higher level of occupancy so rates are higher, whereas this is quite the opposite for off season. There are some great advantages to off season:

lower st lucia hotel rates
less crowded st lucia restaurants and beaches
Some hotels will make deals/specials in the off season

Even vacation villas in st lucia are likely to offer lower rates. For the st lucia traveler on a budget, it’s an ideal time to visit this paradise island. There are also great savings on flights during the st lucia off season. You get to do most things at a cheaper rate. However tours and activities may seldom offer different or lower rates in the off season. Though st lucia is known for unchanging weather temperatures all year round. A temperature of about 80 degrees Fahrenheit, there may be a bit more rain in the off season. However with erratic weather conditions worldwide there has been a change in weather pattern. The hurricane season is suppose to begin from July to November, but very rarely has the island undergo any hurricanes in July/August most recently. Before you embark on your st lucia holiday in the off season, you should check with your st lucia hotel the cancellation policy due to any natural disasters.

It’s not all rain in the off season. Rain meaning, it may not rain incessantly but at intervals. The island hosts its famous st lucia carnival between June and July, famous creole day and a food festival in October. Of course the Gros Islet Friday night street party has no seasons when it comes to st lucia holidays. This year round, every Friday street party is quite an attraction to locals and st lucia tourists. Some hotels offer a shuttle service to the street party.¬† Hotels such as Sandals, Le sport, Almonds Smugglers, Gateway Villas,gatepark are withing 5 minutes drive of Gros Islet Friday night street party. So there is much to do for st lucia holidays¬† in the off season, check with your local hotel for the many tours and activities that are on schedule.

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