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Recently, the Caribbean Hotel Association announced its increase in tourist arrivals when compared to 2009. St Lucia is known for being in the top three Caribbean destinations when it comes to weddings and honeymoons. However, the many reasonable airfare from Jetblue and Westjet as such, is making the island a popular location for st lucia holidays. Presently the markets that contribute to good st lucia hotels occupancy level come from the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. This comes as no surprise, considering the adverse weather conditions in those locations to date, when compared to St Lucia’s weather.

But St lucia hotels and st lucia villas should not be too boastful of their high occupancy level in winter, since sunshine states like Florida are capitalizing on those very same markets. In a recent article in Fort Lauderdale’s newspaper, Sun-Sentinel, the aggressive and innovative marketing techniques st lucia hotels and others should apply was made clear. The article portrayed a bikini in a 5 ft. tall ice wall in the middle of Times Square, with the caption ‘Unfreeze your Bikini”. It is such marketing techniques that will enable a rise above competitors and this competitive industry. Hotels in st lucia should not contemplate that being in the Caribbean is guaranteed success for high hotel occupancy levels.

One st lucia hotel which seems to understand this too well is Sandals St lucia. Millions of dollars are put a side for marketing the Sandals chain. Adverts for Sandals St Lucia are seen from all corners of the globe. However, it came as a surprise that a large number of Floridians have a liking for the Sandals St Lucia. Once more in depth research was done, there are factors that contributed to this finding:

Certain parts of Florida can be chilly in the winter months
It’s fairly flight accessible from Florida to St Lucia.
Americans love hotel chains because they are more aware of the quality of service throughout the chain and do not have to second guess what the service would be like, i.e. familiarity of the brand.

Then why aren’t hotels in st lucia and st lucia villas marketing enough towards Florida. If it works for Sandals St Lucia, we must think that there could just be a Floridian market for St lucia on the whole.

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