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The st lucia mobile market has long been branded as one of the most successful electronic devices in history. The new mobile entrant, Digicel, gained 60% market share in the first year of operation. A ‘look at me now’ product for baby boomers and teenagers which has coerced technology into being more innovative. Has pushed the internet to imaginary heights. So we wonder what’s next for st lucia travel and the st lucia villa market?

In the mean time, while we wait, the mobile phone has become the internet on the go device, with ability to book flights, hotels, tickets and many more at spur of the moment. When EyeforTravel reports that mobile travel bookings have escalated from 20 million in 2008 to an impressive 200 million in 2010. Clearly this demonstrates to any marketer where he/she should spend his/her next marketing dollar. Therefore questioning how mobile friendly are st lucia travel sites or any travel site for that matter. The ease at which one can book a st lucia hotel, st lucia villa, st lucia flights or research information with their ‘look at me now’ device is fast becoming a revolution. With that in mind even software firms are taking advantage of the mobile use craze. SitorSquat telling you where the nearest toilet is, is only the beginning of creating convenience to the ‘on the go’ mobile user.

Therefore a st lucia website for mobile use should be easy and quick, comfortable to navigate, to encourage st lucia reservations via mobile devices. Mobile device reservations is fast becoming a must for the st lucia travel company, otherwise a firm may be left behind its competitors. It will be interesting to see how st lucia embraces mobile marketing and to see who will be the first market entrant in this marketing strategy and of course the followers behavioral patterns. With Google stating that 95% of smartphone users search for details, the next step would be to get your st lucia villa website mobile market ready.

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