There’s So Much To Do In St Lucia: Tours and Activities

The best way to learn what St.Lucia has to offer is by tour. Some of the most scenic spots on the island can be seen via boat cruises or driving. Taking in any sea tour on the calm Caribbean seas is a sure way of seeing the beautiful coastline of St.Lucia.

Discover small cove beaches, snorkeling spots, local restaurants, crafts and arts of St.Lucia while on tour. The use of the tour guide is a helpful way of learning more about the culture and friendly people. The day tours range from 5 hours to 10 hours depending on which tour you are doing. So judge St.Lucia from outside your hotel room.

Discover St Lucia Culture on the Round the Island Tour

Its the best way to spend a day discovering an island that has history of both French and English. The culture includess a bit of African, Indian, French and English. Nicknamed the Helen of the West, St. Lucia can definitely be branded as one of the mountainous, scenic Caribbean islands.

A drive through the banana plantations, fishing villages, rainforest, volcano and the famous twin peak Pitons will prove just that.

The tour offers a trip to the Botanical Gardens where you can catch a glimpse of rare flowers and birds. The famous Sulphur Springs is a must for a bathe as it is well rumored that the water restores youth.

A continuation through the quaint villages in the south will educate you on St. Lucias folk tales and its multi-cultural heritage. A tasty local lunch is included at one of the local restaurants.

A tasty lunch is served at a Local Restaurant.

Duration 8 hours US $80 per person

Go for a Day Cruise on the Brig Unicorn Day Sail

The best way to experience the island is a fun and exhilarating day at sea on the Tall Ship Brig Unicorn. The ship was used in filming Roots and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Its a relaxing way of cruising along the west coast of St. Lucia while tanning. The rum punch on board is worth trying as you take in coastline views of fishing villages.

The boat stops for a short while in the town of Soufriere so you have a chance to visit the Sulphur Springs, Volcano, Diamond Falls and tropical gardens. Lunch is served onboard upon your return.

Sailing back to the north, there is a stop off at Anse Cochon for a swim and a sail through the beautiful Marigot Bay to complete the journey back to you location.

Duration 8 hours US $110 per person

Visit St Lucia’s Most Famous Landmark on the Gros Piton Nature Walk

For the fit and adventurous, you will find this ten hour journey rewarding. A knowledgeable tour guide will guide you along the trail which takes you to a gradual gradient. The Pitons are located in the south of the island, Soufriere. While climbing you will be blessed with some of the most panoramic views of the south and with views of the smaller Piton of the two, Petite Piton.

The adventurous trail is moderate for the first half of the trail and then becomes a bit steep. Proper hiking shoes are highly recommended. The tour entails a drive to the Piton and a drive back to your location.

Duration 10 hours US $130 per person

Take In The Island’s Beauty on the Land and Sea Safari to Soufriere

A good way to enjoy the island is by Land and Sea. It enables discovery of St.Lucia beauty by coach and boat. Described as scenic and informative the tour is a good value for money.

A Drive through the tropical vegetation, fishing villages, rainforest, and banana plantation is magical. The tour also enables you to see the home of the south, Soufriere where its boasts the World Heritage Site of the Pitons. The Land part of the tour allows you to visit the Sulphur Springs in the Drive in volcano and the Botanical Gardens.

Lunch is served at a plantation style restaurant afterward you get on board the boat to journey along the islands coastline. A stop at Marigot Bay will allow for a swim. The tour offers free pick up and drop off to and from your location.

Duration 8 hours US $110 per person

Soar Over the Rainforest on the Rainforest Canopy Tour

For the inclined, adventurous, get the thrill of zipping along 500ft lengths of Cable at 30ft to 50ft in height. The Zipline is located in the heart of the rain forest.

Perfect way to get a bird eye view of the rainforest tops as you glide through the tree tops, across the rivers. It the thrill of flying through the forest that really makes this tour a must do.

The ride back to your location will enable you to take in the nature of the island. Tip: take your camera along, closed sandals or trainers is a must (would not recommend flip flops)

Duration 5.5 hours US $100 per person

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