St lucia hotels and st lucia villas

The exotic island of St Lucia is fast becoming a snow bird hot spot. This year st lucia saw an increase in st lucia villa rentals. Reason being, villas offer more than st lucia hotels do. The other, in a recession families still like to travel to st lucia but are more conscience of money. The recession has created a new kind of st lucia traveler.

A traveler that is budget conscience when it comes to his/her st lucia holiday.

When researching the st lucia villas market st lucia, we see villas in st lucia ranging from 2000 – 7000 square feet. Far larger than any st lucia hotel room. Some st lucia villa rentals range from $250 to $800 per night. Whereas in a st lucia hotel room for a family of 8 could add up to a higher rate. Alot of these st lucia villas come with stunning views, large patios, pool, BBQ area and tranquility no st lucia hotel room can offer.

Of course a st lucia villa rentals, may not be for everyone. A st lucia hotel room may not be your idea of a perfect st lucia holiday, but for the customer who wants privacy, or to sunbathe in the nude, or even add in some cooking, there is no other way to spent those cold winter months.
This makes st lucia hotels a main competitor to st lucia villas market. Encouraging st lucia hotels to take the initiative on marketing, be more creative with their marketing strategies. Following the mind of the st lucia traveler is the key to great offerings for the st lucia hotel traveler or the st lucia villa traveler.

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