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Vacation rentals by owner are becoming a big attraction to travelers who want to experience travel in a different way.¬† The era where hotel and motel accommodation were the only choices are so yesterday. This growing travel choice has caused websites like homeaway, VRBO (vacation rentals by owner) and similar sites to increase their marketing budget to reach travelers who are more independent and at the same time assist home owners with the increase in revenue for their properties. VRBO advertises a $50,000 per year in revenue for vacation rental owners. The majority of St Lucia VRBO’S and other areas are mainly absentee owners. This means that advertising their properties may be one thing but the actual management of guests while owners are absent is another. The home owner is often faced with relying on on-site staff, pool man or housekeeper to attend to guests needs.

St Lucia VRBO is ideal for the Caribbean savvy traveler. The Caribbean has long been known to be somewhat a place for the wealthy. St Lucia VRBO’s provide a more affordable accommodation for travelers who want to explore the island on a budget. Vacation rentals in St Lucia offer full kitchen areas, over-sized bedrooms, large walk-ways and patio space, detailed pools and real open floor plans of Caribbean living. Additional services which can be requested are personal chef, exciting excursions and personal concierge service.

Today the concept clearly works, forcing more and more VRBO on the market in nearly every country. Giving renter direct contact with owners, is ideal in todays ever changing holiday market. But there may be a gray area here where there is no medium between renter and owner for the protection of either. Many management companies offer that added comfort, piece of mind in the event of any miss happenings. Another recommendation to the renter who decides to go this route is to accept the travel insurance option that  may of these sites provide. Normally this is a small fee which protects against theft, damages or unseen circumstances.

But travelers are becoming independent in a way sites like Homeaway understands. The traveler who loves the secluded villa, with an appetite for independence and a quest to explore.

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